The lates from Jefferson Township on Coronavirus:

Morris County issued an emergency declaration on 3/19/2020 that all playgrounds and playing fields be closed, this takes effect immediately; however, the county parks remain open for passive recreation.

Jefferson has put up a COVID 19 Resource page @ which will have everything COVID 19 related that the township receives, from health advisories to financial assistance.

From Jefferson Township Police Chief Sean Conrad

During these troubled times, we ask that you help us to protect ourselves and thereby better protect our community.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please post a sign or note for officers, so they know to take proper precautions before entering your home or office area.

Officers may ask to take your concerns or report either by phone or other electronic means. Please respect this and consider it to every extent possible. Additionally, officers may choose to stay outdoors when taking your complaint or information if an in-person report is absolutely necessary.

Please take the social distancing recommendations very seriously when communicating with police. Please be honest with the dispatcher when they ask you certain questions related to your health status.

If you have been outside of the country or around someone with a suspected illness, you should be self-quarantined for 14 days. Let dispatch know if this is the case. The police can and will help you. They just need to take added precautions.

Now is the time to stay home, relax, and let this thing pass through as quickly as possible. Please abide by all health department, state, and national recommendations. They are for all of our benefit.

We are here for you, just a little different service in order to eliminate exposure as much as possible.

Please have each others’ backs at home. Protect your family and loved ones. Go for a walk, surf the net, respect each other’s space and privacy. If you have a neighbor or friend police need to check, on please let them know.

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