When it comes to drunk driving accidents, so many teenagers say, "It won't happen to me." Feeling invincible is one of the many joys of youth. However, when it comes to the perils of drinking and driving, the students of Jefferson Township High School learned through the school's biennial mock accident performance that the consequences can be very real and very traumatic.

Juniors and seniors were first gathered into the auditorium to watch the buildup to the accident. These students watched their own classmates act out a scenario involving a group of students drinking before prom and a couple going out to dinner. The video ended with these two groups leaving their houses followed by the screen going black and a loud car crash sound being heard.

At this point, the juniors and seniors exited the auditorium to go outside where they saw the aftermath of the car crash. The student actors immediately came to light, exiting the car and yelling at each other. Some of the actors were yelling and screaming for help. One of the actors, who the students discovered was pregnant in the video, was grasping her dead boyfriend in the windshield. All of them were covered in blood.

This mock accident became more real when police cars sped into the parking lot and arrested the drunk driver. Ambulances and firefighters pulled in, extracting the injured victims from the cars. A Medivac helicopter flew in and came to help the victims.

After several minutes of watching these students get rescued, the ambulance covered the dead body and placed it on the ground. Everything went silent as one final car rolled up to the scene of the accident. The parents of the deceased came out of the vehicle and confirmed the victim’s identity. The mother broke out in tears as the father comforted her on the way back to the car.

This very real and very scary scenario the harsh reality of drinking and driving and its dangerous effects. Joanne Martino, a guidance counselor at JTHS, spoke after the events unfolded, “We did this because we care about you and don’t want this to happen to you. Think twice before you do something that you will permanently regret.”

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