The president of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, Paul Boudreau, issued the following statement on budget negotiations in Trenton:

“Individuals and businesses are shouldering a significant tax burden already in our state. Raising taxes sends a signal to our employers and future investors that New Jersey will remain uncompetitive for decades to come. We will see more out-migration of wealth and diminished investment in jobs if we continue to increase taxes on individuals and corporations.

“Our Morris County business community is proud of our state. We have always been willing to work with elected leaders to seek solutions for the real challenges we have. This is absolutely the wrong prescription to create jobs and grow our tax base in order to fund our state’s priorities.”

According to the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, it serves its members and residents of Morris County as a dynamic business organization that provides opportunities for personal growth, business success, and community leadership. The Chamber has nearly 900 members that employ 74,000 people in Morris and surrounding counties. The organization seeks to help members realize their business and community involvement goals, working with key leaders at all levels to develop a strategy that supports the culture and specific objectives of their enterprise.

The group’s committee structure allows members to participate in delivering cutting edge events and programs. The staff focuses on meeting the needs of members and partnering with other business and community organizations to “move the needle” on key issues in the community that impact public policy, employment, investment, education, business growth, and the nonprofit community.

You may learn more about the Chamber by visiting

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