Jefferson Township High School students brought to life The Bold, the Young and the Murdered, a murder mystery comedy by writer Don Zolidis on November 22 and 23.

Friday’s opening night performance had a large crowd filling the seats and laughing throughout the comedy.

The play took place on the set of a long-running soap opera that is in danger of cancellation. As if that wasn’t enough, the cast and crew are being murdered one by one.

The play was directed by Cheryl Miskimon and features actors Andrew Cooper, Frank Garrato, Kyle Welch, Gia LaMonica, Hannan Naiman, Lily Snow, Nick Smeilus, April Manaisa, Samantha Schell, Natalie Gondola, Payton Kazatsky, Hayden Mille, Nick Sullivan and Elizabeth O’Shea.

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