Once again, the Jefferson Township Police Department organized their fun annual National Night Out activities at the Municipal Complex Tuesday, August 1st. Hundreds of Jefferson residents came to enjoy interacting with the multiple Jefferson based service organizations taking part in the nights events. Over the years the event has grown to a must attend by families looking to enjoy a summer evening and meet with first responders serving the township.

The hot dogs may have been the main draw as they were quickly consumed. With fuel to spare the youngsters got right to the fun. The gazebo was taken over by an elimination dance contest where the participants expended a lot of that energy. The DJ engaged the dancers in a “Stop Light” type of game where they could only dance with the music on. Those still moving when it stopped were eliminated. Awkward poses ensued.

Mixed among the attendees were Boy Scouts and Cadets from the Junior Police Academy being held the same week. The Boy Scouts from Troop 49 were manning the popcorn and flavored ice tables. The cadets were there to have fun after a hard day at the Academy. Josh, one of the second-year cadets thought it was fun to find out how the police department works. Tori, a first-year cadet joined because her father is a police officer and she wanted to know what he did at work. Rachael joined the academy because she thought it would be a fun different way to exercise, but has since become more interested in policing techniques covered by the academy.

The Jefferson Fire Departments #1 and #2 had equipment on display that gave the kids a chance to get up close to real fire engines. Some adults looked awed as well. An obstacle course was set up for the younger attendees to try their skills at getting over and under objects, but the most important lesson being taught with the course was to crawl out of a dangerous area by keeping below the smoke. A long fires hose snaked across the lawn of the Municipal Complex giving course runners a path to follow.

A petting zoo was set up and everyone was invited to get close to some very friendly animals. Pony rides looked to be the favorites for many.

Oh, and there were the weapons! One of the highlights of the night was a demonstration of the high-powered weapons the Jefferson Police Department can bring to the fore and protect residents. Targeting some ripe watermelons, hundreds of rounds later, those melons did not stand a chance. After the demo, the hunt was on for spent shells. Many walked away with souvenirs of an exciting display of firepower.

The Milton First Aid Squad was on hand with one of their rigs. Fitted with a new automated gurney, they gave demonstrations and explained the various equipment housed in this very important part of the township first response team. Part of their team was also having fun at the “photo booth” set up for all to do a little dress up and take some silly pictures.

Many more groups were on hand to offer info to young and old alike about the services they offer to residents to enhance their lives in town.

With National Night Out 2017 a new memory, residents could feel a little safer knowing all the support they will get from the Police Department, Fire Departments, First Aid Squads, mental health services, Camp Jefferson, and many more organizations taking part in the evening’s activities. The bonus is now they had a chance to meet individuals who serve the community face to face in a fun setting. Next August you will get another chance to refresh those memories and build more community bonds.

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