Jefferson’s local Department for Persons with Disabilities (DPD) together with their neighbors, the Headley’s of Headley Lumber, have recently welcomed two new calves to the land.

These calves are both just five months old; Torro is half Jersey breed and half Hereford breed while Jersey is a pure Jersey cow. Torro and Jersey graze on DPD’s land and are owned by the Headley Family.

DPD is an organization that provides residential support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout northern New Jersey. Four group homes are located within Jefferson Township: Alexander House, Columbus House, Finnegan House and Giuliano House.

Scott Milliken, DPD Executive Director, stated that the DPD, “owns a large lot of land in Jefferson along Weldon Road (Wiegand Farm).” He also stated that he believes the addition of these cows to the area “makes us unique and therapeutic for the people served” as this location is “the perfect space for a cow, or now cows, to graze.”

Ernie Headley, lifetime farmer, stated that “I love animals and I am happy that Torro and Jersey have a wonderful loving home at DPD.”

Learn more about the Department for Persons with Disabilities at

More Photos:

Photo provided by the Department for Persons with Disabilities
Photo provided by the Department for Persons with Disabilities

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