The new Rave Alert system, powered by Smart911, has replaced the Honeywell system in Jefferson Township and throughout Morris County. Rave provides residents with emergency notifications through their preferred channels of communication (landline, cell, SMS, social media, and so on). Residents who were previously enrolled in Honeywell have been automatically transferred to Rave – if they provided a phone number. Otherwise, they must re-register with Rave.

Rave Alert is coordinated by the township’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM). To receive alerts, the minimum information requested is name, email address (if available), phone number, and street address. When signing up, residents can add optional information about themselves and household members to help OEM identify individuals with special needs during an emergency, such as evacuation or extended power outage. The Police Department is currently installing the equipment needed to send them separate messages.

Additional information might include mobility limitations, life-sustaining equipment, health issues, prescription medications, pets and young children, floor plans, property hazards, and the best access routes – all of which can be accessed by the dispatcher when 911 is called from a registered phone number. Note: The phone number must be verified when enrolling; otherwise, the user will receive only Rave Alerts rather than personalized assistance.

Police dispatcher Fred Claus, who serves as OEM’s deputy coordinator, noted that the Smart911 phone app can send alerts issued in any location within the past 24 hours. Therefore, users with the app can receive alerts while traveling in other areas.

Residents without computers and those with questions may contact Shelley Ebbinghouser in OEM at 973-208-6151 or To sign up for the Rave Alert system, visit

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