The Northwest Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) recognized exceptional soccer players at Jefferson Township High School. This conference, consisting of about 40 high schools from the Morris, Sussex, and Warren County region, honor the top 11 players in the American Division to be on the First Team, the highest honor of this recognition. The next 11 top players are put on the Second Team for recognition and several others receive honorable mentions.

Of the players recognized throughout the NJAC American Division, seven players from JTHS received one of these types of recognition. Kyla Barbosa, Jack Bishop, Liam Fitzgerald, and Jacob Wacker received 1st Team status, Zack Hirschman and Cole Kandel received 2nd Team status, and Martin Kuras received and honorable mention.

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Kalen Luciano is a senior at Jefferson Township High School. He's involved in many different activities from chorus and the musical to UNICEF and Stand Up to Cancer. In his free time, he enjoys going on hikes, reading, writing, and hanging out with friends.