As former board members of the Morris County Young Republicans, we urge all young Republicans across New Jersey, particularly those residing in the 11th congressional district, to get out and do everything possible to ensure NJ-11 Republican congressional nominee and state assemblyman Jay Webber is the next congressman representing portions of Morris, Sussex, Passaic, and Essex counties.

Whether it was inviting us to attend the annual New Jersey Reagan Day event the assemblyman hosts in conjunction with the Young America’s Foundation, encouraging us to become active participants in the political process, speaking to the Morris County and other Young Republican organizations across New Jersey, or simply listening to our concerns, Jay Webber has consistently proven that he understands and believes in advocating on behalf of young New Jerseyans. It is also worth noting that Webber himself is considerably younger than the average member of Congress, meaning he would add to the diversity of the House.

In the state legislature, Webber has led the fight for a more affordable New Jersey. He voted against a massive gas tax increase on two occasions, worked to pass pension and health benefits reform that protects public sector workers while saving taxpayers $120 billion over three decades, and has proposed specific solutions to reduce property and income taxes. Additionally, he has fought to support victims of domestic violence, help veterans from across the nation attend New Jersey’s public universities and colleges at the same rate as those who live here, and keep predators out of schools.

At a time when tough decisions have to be made about the future economic prosperity of the nation, we trust Jay Webber to represent our values in Congress. He supports recently enacted tax reform and the reversal of burdensome economic regulations, which have resulted in the creation of jobs for everyone, including young people like us looking to start or advance in a career. We also know that he will be a leading voice to make tough, yet responsible, choices to reduce a national debt that our generation and the next will be forced to pay off as a result of poor decisions made in the past.

We urge young Republicans throughout the 11th congressional district and beyond to knock on doors, make calls, put up lawn signs, and do everything possible to ensure that Jay Webber succeeds congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen. Winning this election requires all hands on deck, and volunteering even just a few hours of time weekly can make the difference. The future prosperity of the nation depends on our helping to elect people like Jay Webber to Congress.

Finally, we ask the residents of the 11th Congressional District to please vote on Tuesday, November 6. Jay Webber shares our values and would be a strong, principled voice for economic growth and fiscal responsibility in Congress.

William Felegi of Lake Hopatcong is president of the Jefferson Township Republican Club and former chair of the Morris County Young Republicans. He was a Riverdale Republican county committeeman.

Jordan Chester of Basking Ridge is a former vice chair of the Morris County Young Republicans who served on the board from 2013-16. He also served on the campaigns of Morris County sheriff Jim Gannon and former Morris County freeholder Hank Lyon, when he ran for state assembly.

Editor’s Note: This op-ed was submitted to our newsroom and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Jefferson Chronicle or it’s staff.

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