Falcon Freshmen Boys Basketball Goes Undefeated

In his nine-year freshman basketball coaching career, coach Jason Kalish has been able to catch some lightning in a bottle with his teams. Having just one season under 20 wins, the veteran coach puts together good freshman teams every year. However, this year it was different for the Falcons.

The 2019-2020 Freshman Falcons achieved something unseen in J-Town in its recent history, which was an undefeated record. After a win 67-48 over Parsippany Hills, Coach Kalish can put that milestone behind him clinching 19-0 record on the year.

Through 19 games on the year, the Falcons’ margin of victory was vast. They never really had a close contest. Their closest game of the year was an 18-point victory when the freshmen were still in control all the way.

With a freshman class holding four players that were promoted to the junior varsity level, the 2023 class is deep and talented. Four of the five starters, Luke Urbano, Jake Studnick, Travis Osterhout, and Jason Eisele, have all played quality JV minutes, as well as three seeing some varsity time.

There are two things that seem certain after this freshman basketball season: the future is very bright for the Falcons and Coach Kalish seems to have found the secret to consistency.

The team was rounded out by Parker Turton, Billy Bergner, Colton Borowsky, Justin Nawanko, Aiden Defoite, and Krystian Rog.

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