09/29/2017: Audrey Pendergast, 63, of Oak Ridge, was involved in a single vehicle accident and left the scene. She was located at her residence, were she was arrested for DWI.  She was issued complaint summons and a pending court date.

10/2/17: Joshua DeJesus, 23 of Lake Hopatcong was arrested at the scene of a motor vehicle stop for possession of marijuana.  A summons was issued and he was released pending a court date.

10/4/17: Kyle Kubs, 50, of Lake Hopatcong, was arrested at a motor vehicle stop after giving a false name in an effort to avoid his own apprehension and license suspension. He was issued complaint summons and a pending court date.

10/5/17: Officer Stokes came upon a vehicle in the Ding Dong Deli lot with two individuals sleeping in it. The investigation led to Jacob Borchers and Ian McSorley being arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, open containers, and underage possession of alcohol.

10/07/2017: Ian McSorley, 19, Joshua Bridges, 19, and Shane Skala, 20, all from Jefferson Township, were arrested by Detective/Sgt. Sean Krater and Detective Tim Hecht for motor vehicle theft and receiving stolen property. During a stolen motorcycle investigation, Dispatcher Hinchman’s data base inquiries led to reports indicating the possible location of the stolen motorcycle.  Armed with the information provided by Dispatcher Hinchman, Officer Williams and a team of investigators located the potential suspects. The suspects were detained and thoroughly interviewed, leading to their arrest.  Summons complaints and a pending court date were given to all defendants in this matter.

10/08/2017: Alexis Caravella, 19, of Kinnelon, was involved in a motor vehicle crash on Route 15 North at the entrance to Quik Check. During the crash, the vehicle overturned. Ms. Caravella was transported to St. Clare’s Hospital for minor injuries from the crash. Officer Ondish’s investigation led to probable cause to arrest Ms. Caravella for DWI. She was issued summons and released to hospital personnel pending a court date.

Information provided by the Jefferson Township Police Department. For more information, contact the department at 973-697-1300. All parties are innocent until proven guilty.