6/17/18, ACS Warrant (PO Wojtach): David Good, 29, of Mt. Arlington was arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Newton, Georgia. He was transported to Morris County Jail to await extradition to Georgia.

6/20/18, Road Rage/Criminal Mischief (PO Saparito): Joseph Young, 31, of Oak Ridge was arrested following a road rage incident that resulted in his ripping the door handle off a vehicle being operated by a resident of Lake Hopatcong. Young was processed and charged with criminal mischief pending a court date.

6/27/18, Dirt Bike Endangering Hikers (PO Johnson): A 17-year-old was stopped after receiving complaints from walkers on the Prospect Point Reserve Path about reckless motorcycle riders on the trail. He was issued several summonses.

7/5/18, CDS Arrest (PO Paskas): Tahj Hall, 21, of Brooklyn, NY, and Michael McKnight, 22, of Cortland, NY, were arrested at the scene of a motor vehicle stop for possession of marijuana after the officer detected the odor from the vehicle. Both were charged with possession and paraphernalia and released pending a court appearance.

7/6/18, Possession of CDS/Warrant (PO Paskas): Hadxian Matthews, 29, of Montclair and Anthony Colvin, 52, of Newark, were arrested during a stop when the officer detected an odor of raw marijuana. Complaints were issued pending a court date.

Information provided by the Jefferson Township Police Department. For more information, contact the department at 973-697-1300. All parties are innocent until proven guilty.

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