7/31/2017, A boat stored at the Lake Hopatcong Marina had 11 fishing rods and an electronic fish finder taken from a compartment on the boat.  The incident occurred sometime between 7/26 and 7/31. Detective Bureau is investigating.

7/31/2017, Holland Mtn Rd, A nail gun, compressor, weed wacker and drill were taken from a greenhouse with no doors located on the property. Detective Bureau is investigating.

8/01/2017, John Grecco, 32, of Jefferson Township was arrested when Officer Stokes observed him toss objects later determined to be a marijuana grinder and glass pipe under a vehicle. During the incident Grecco resisted arrest, but eventually was arrested, issued a summons and released pending a court date.

8/03/2017, Zachary Dagis, 24, of Hamburg, was arrested following a motor vehicle stop at the Quick Chek. He was arrested on a warrant out of Wayne PD.  During a search incident to arrest, needles, heroin, and suspected cocaine was found on Dagis.  He was charged accordingly and released.

8/05/2017,  During a motor vehicle stop at Club 15, driver Benjamin E Gringle, 22, of Maine and passenger Leonardo Recaldechelle, 22, of Newton, were found to be in possession of marijuana, strips of LSD, and numerous items of paraphernalia.  Both suspects were arrested, issued summons and released.

8/12/2017, Rog Wojciech, 48, of Jefferson Township, decided to take matters into his own hands after experiencing loud music emanating from the Black Bear Tavern.  He went over to the establishment and banged on a window yelling about the music. While displaying his outrage he broke the window. Upon patrol’s arrival and subsequent investigation Wojciech was placed under arrest, issued summons, and released.

8/17/17, Koen Vanderstraeten, 32, of Boonton, was arrested for DWI following a traffic stop on Rt 15 South.  He refused to provide samples of his breath.  He was issued appropriate summons and released pending a court date.

8/19/17, While doing a property check at Club 15 Officer Paskas observed Jean Etienne, 26, of Morris Plains, rolling a marijuana cigarette on the hood of a motor vehicle.  He was arrested, charged, and released for possession of same.

8/26/17, Officer Florio arrested and charged Jason Coleman, 28, of Newton with DWI after being found sleeping in the driver seat of his car in front of the Exxon on Route 15 South.

8/31/17, While conducting a property check at the local Quick Check a vehicle was observed with the driver hunched over the steering wheel.  A subsequent investigation revealed occupants of the vehicle were indulging in CDS activity/usage.  As result of his investigation, Kathleen Crinnian, 18, of Jefferson Township and Nathaniel Messano, 18, of Lincoln Park were arrested for possession/consumption of controlled dangerous substances, including Xanax, marijuana, and alcohol. Subjects were arrested, issued summons and released.

9/2/17, Joseph Wiltshire, 51, of Bronx, NY, was stopped for erratic driving on Berkshire Valley Road.  Officer Florio’s investigation determined Wiltshire was in possession of heroin, suboxone, prescription pills, and various paraphernalia were found. Wiltshire was arrested, issued a summons, and released.

9/4/17, Sean Mekeel, 28, of Jefferson Township, and Markella Strongilos, 26, of Sparta, were arrested after an motor vehicle stop.  Both had warrants for their arrest.  Mekeel was in possession of a hypodermic needle and Strongilos was in possession of various paraphernalia with suspected heroin.  Both were charged. Strongilos was turned over to Morris County fugitive squad on her warrant and Mekeel released after posting bail on his warrant.

Information provided by the Jefferson Township Police Department. For more information, contact the department at 973-697-1300. All parties are innocent until proven guilty.

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