Optional Information Will Allow Emergency Services to Better Serve the Community

The Rave Alert System is up and functioning in Jefferson Township. The system is being provided by Morris County Office of Emergency Management to all towns and citizens of Morris County. The new system will improve notification capabilities throughout Morris County.

Rave in Jefferson

In Jefferson, the township’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) coordinates the Rave Alert system. Police officer Fred Claus, who serves as telecommunicator, told The Jefferson Chronicle that “township residents should expect the same great service they received from Honeywell, as well as new features.”

The switch will not be automatic. In order to receive updates through the Rave system, township residents must re-sign up. To sign up for the Rave Alert system, visit www.smart911.com/smart911/ref/reg.action?pa=jeffersontownship.

Currently the new system is operating in tandem with the Honeywell system. Eventually the Honeywell system will be phased out.

Officer Claus stated to The Chronicle that, “There will be a cutoff date at the beginning of next year reminding township residents that alerts will no longer be sent out to individuals who have not signed up for the new system. No exact date of the cut off has been determined but more reminders will be sent out prior to that date.”

Customizing Profiles

The minimum information requested in the new system includes email address, phone number, and address. Adding optional information will allow emergency responders to serve residents even better.

Township residents who add crucial medical information to their profiles help the OEM during an evacuation or extended power outage to determine if specific individuals need assistance – for example, those with mobility limitations such as wheelchairs or life-sustaining equipment such as oxygen concentrators. Claus noted that the Rave Alert platform provides two-way communication between emergency services and individuals. If officials do not hear from a resident with known medical needs, they can reach out to see if help is needed.

Uploading photos for each person in the household is another feature that could prove useful. Rave can connect with the 911 system, allowing the 911 dispatcher to view an individual’s profile, including pictures, should an emergency call be placed from a registered phone number. Claus told The Chronicle that “there are numerous instances where this information would be beneficial. Currently, the township is considering adding this service, but hasn’t made a decision.”

Mobile App Feature

Smartphone users can benefit from the Rave app. “It is a good tool since Morris County is offering the Rave platform,” said Claus. “Most, if not all, of the municipalities in Morris County are or will be utilizing Rave.” Special features include the following:

  • Residents who are in another town that utilizes Rave can receive alerts through the app for that town as well as the one in which they are registered.
  • The township can provide emergency alerts to individuals who are physically present in Jefferson and have the app, even if they have not signed up for emergency alerts from Jefferson.
  • Users can receive alerts about road closures and evacuations.

Contact Information

For questions or more information, contact police officer Fred Claus in the Office of Emergency Management at 973-208-6151 or claus@jeffersonpolice.com.

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