The Jefferson recreational football league had an important message for those attending. Blue was the color of the day and its message could be seen on the number of light blue tee shirts being worn by those in attendance, BLUEOUT BULLING – CHOOSE KINDNESS. Jefferson players worn blue socks, blue cheek glare patches, and the cheerleaders worn blue ribbons.

The league invited the family of Mallory Grossman from neighboring Rockaway, NJ to take part in the day’s activities. Last June, Mallory took her own life as an apparent result of bullying. Melissa Henderson explained that Mallory’s parents have started a foundation, Mallory’s Army, to take up the cause of anti-bullying. By traveling to nearby towns, they hope to spread the awareness of the foundation and their cause according to Henderson. She encouraged all to wear light blue and asked via social media for all to “Please come down at any point and show that our community is united in the fight against bullying!"

Dianne and Seth Grossman arrived as scheduled for the sixth-grade game. They are the target age group for their foundation according to their web site,

Dianne Grossman explained, “we are new to this and are still developing our programs.” At this point the Grossmans are focused on fundraising and have submitted the required applications to the IRS to become an official non-profit tax-exempt organization, again according to the website. All proceeds will be used to raise funds to support, the Mallory’s Army Foundation, and the Grossman family in their fight against bullying, the website stated.

At a table piled high with shirts, hair bows, wrist bands, and car magnets, the Grossmans set about spreading the word on the dangers of bullying and the devastating impact it can have on families and communities. This is the start of their new journey, one in which the memory of Mallory plays a prominent role.

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