Jefferson’s student artists for the school year 2018-19 were hosted at a reception on June 4 in the high school media center.

The Student Artist of the Month program, founded more than 20 years ago by Jack Kelly, is sponsored by the Jefferson Arts Committee and local school art teachers. The shelves of the media center featured an impressive display of each month’s winning artwork submitted by students.

Jason Nicholas, head of the program, welcomed the monthly winners and their families. He invited each young artist individually to the front of the room to be recognized, and then a group photo was taken.

The Student Artists of the Month from the 2018-19 school year! (Photo: Ulla Vinkman)

Middle school art teacher David DeVries introduced the guest speaker – his niece, Jessica DeVries, a fashion designer. She gave an inspirational talk about her own path to art, which has led her to designing active wear in the fashion business. The talk was accompanied by a slide show of her “art history,” including portfolio pieces, and concluded with actual samples of her work. The root of her message: Keep on creating, and the world is here to support you.

Several of the art teachers also displayed and discussed their own works. They echoed the guest speaker’s message: Keep on creating and changing; do not to wait for others to create.

It was a proud moment for the students and their families. The evening concluded with refreshments served by members of the Jefferson Arts Committee.

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