Jefferson Township Schools Superintendent Jeanne Howe announced that the return to school plan for Jefferson Township’s district will likely be released by the end of July. Although the plan has not been solidified yet due to ongoing changes in advisory from the NJ Department of Education and Governor Phil Murphy, Howe used the responses from 1500 parents who filled out a return to school survey as well as feedback from the return to school stakeholders meeting hosted Monday morning to formulate her plan. 

Regardless of the final plan, Howe warned that parents should prepare for changes on short notice. The ability for students to remain in school might change quickly, and she recommended that parents who might need childcare should line that up in advance. Parents should also prepare their children to wear masks for the entirety of the school day.

The Jefferson Township Board of Education at its socially distanced meeting. (Photo courtesy of Kalen Luciano)

Fall sport athletes will be able to participate in practices starting August 3. With that, the board of education approved the appointment of the head coaches for each sport, but it held off on hiring assistant coaches until the August meeting. All fall sports seasons are planned to start by late September or by October 1.

The only other extracurricular activities positioned to start are yearbook and marching band. The board will wait to approve any more activities until after it releases the finalized return to school plan. However, the board plans to prohibit use of school buildings to outside groups until the end of the calendar year.

Most other plans for the upcoming school year will be announced or determined after the return to school plan is released. This includes attendance policy updates and plans for students with special needs.

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