The Jefferson Township Council chose Ronald Smith to replace Michael Sanchelli. Smith has worked for the town for many years and had spent many years on the Board of Education. The council interviewed three candidates before choosing Smith.

Sanchelli was officially recognized for his years of service and commitment. “He brought a lot of inspiration, talent, and life to the job,” Council Member Robert Birmingham said. “He will certainly be missed.” Township Attorney Lawrence Cohen said, “Sanchelli alway had the people at heart.” Receiving awards, gifts, and heartfelt words, Sanchelli was kindly sent off into retirement.

Before he was officially sent off, he read one last official proclamation, recognizing LEgion Post 423 on its 70th anniversary. From supporting Boys Scouts organizations to family support groups, the Legion was recognized for its many years of service.

Robert Birmingham reported about there being many elected officials at Portofino's recently and noticing that none of them had a problem with transparency. He related this to his own concerns about the Council not being transparent because the Council doesn’t post resolutions online, in the minutes, or anywhere else. He hopes that this can change soon and is abstaining from all votes until something is done about it. Birmingham reminded the public about the municipalities meeting in Jefferson on June 21 where multiple municipalities will come together to discuss any issues involving the area.

Kim Finnegan and Debi Merz spoke about their visit to the Picatinny Arsenal workforce meeting where many township residents work. They were able to see several interesting activities going on in Picatinny as well as see the impact they have on robotics teams in the region since they help teach many schools in the area.

Before the meeting ended, Assistant Municipal Tax Collector Kathleen Hammond wanted to correct a statement made about the senior freeze at the last meeting. The Council agreed that if the state passed on the burden of handling the senior freeze to the town, it would be devastating, Hammond argued that the state would still pay for the credit of the senior citizens through electronic payments. The senior freeze gives a tax break to senior citizens. It is currently provided by the state but may become the responsibility of the municipalities.

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