Around November 1, 2017, two stop signs were installed at the Edison Road jughandle on Route 15 North in Jefferson Township. The presumed thinking behind this stop is to allow traffic to enter and exit Tomco Landscaping Supply and Jefferson Recycling without vehicles potentially blocking access to these businesses. As many residents and drivers are finding out, the new stop signs are causing more traffic issues to the wider population than they were meant to address for a couple of local businesses. A better solution would be a yield for the jughandle, and a sign reminding drivers to not block the box.

The Edison Road jughandle can normally handle 10-15 vehicles before back flowing onto Route 15. During rush hour, this frequently happens. From the jughandle traffic light to the stop sign will fit approximately 4-5 vehicles. Behind the stop sign will hold another 7-10 vehicles before back flowing onto Route 15. The problem arises when the light turns green for the jughandle. The first 4-5 vehicles can proceed normally, but the 7-10+ vehicles behind the stop sign are drastically slowed by each stopping and accelerating to make this traffic light. Incrementally, this causes increased vehicles to wait for this traffic light, and increased back flowing to Route 15, and snowballing traffic congestion.

Citizens can voice their concern by contacting the NJ DOT and Jefferson Township.

NJ DOT Contact:

​Jefferson Township Contact:

Jefferson Police Department:

This article was submitted to The Jefferson Chronicle by Gene Spaeth. The views in this article are solely those of the contributor.

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