If you are ever looking for a fun day out on the town, this is the perfect day for you. On Friday, March 9, students of Jefferson Township High School’s Sports and Entertainment Journalism classes and Film Studies classes took a field trip to Sparta. The first stop was the New Vision Movie Theater to see the blockbuster film Black Panther, followed by a delightful lunch at Andre’s Lakeside Dining.

At 8:30 a.m. in the main lobby of JTHS, students lined up excitedly for the trip ahead, refusing to allow a light dusting of snow to interfere with their plans. Once arrived at the theater, students raced to the lobby where they could purchase snacks and drinks from a wide variety of inviting choices. Food in hand, they proceeded to a private theater where the film was ready to roll. Nestled in the basement of the Panera building on Center Street, the theater offers moviegoers comfortable seating, great acoustics, and a pleasantly sized screen.

Photo provided by Tyler Delp

The Marvel Studios movie Black Panther, set in the technologically advanced African nation Wakanda, offered spectacular special effects, a revenge scheme, and a culturally rich plot. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the movie starred Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther.

“The students were intrigued by the uniqueness of the film,” said Film Studies teacher Steve Barbato. “The blend of a genre they are already familiar with in Marvel superheroes coupled with the African cultural undertones of the plotline made for a cinematic experience that the students had never experienced.” It was an entertaining and intriguing first half of the field trip.

After the movie, the group ventured to Andre’s Lakeside Dining on Tomahawk Trail in Sparta, where the students were greeted with the rustic charm of a wrap-around porch. Inside, the decor was warm and welcoming in an atmosphere of subtle elegance. Through large, tableside windows, students were treated to a dazzling view of the frozen lake overhung by snow-covered branches that outlined the shore.

Lunch began with a choice of appetizer. The creamy texture and soothing color of the puréed vegetables created an enjoyable beginning to a three-course lunch. The mixed greens were refreshing and characterized by a tasty vinaigrette house dressing. The main course was a choice of chicken with lemon and herbs, salmon with teriyaki vinaigrette, or pasta with walnut and sage pesto. Each dish was prepared fresh, seasoned to perfection, and rich with aroma and flavor. As a finishing touch, students had a choice between chocolate mousse and apple crisp, both favorites of the guests.

“Andre’s is a charming venue with outstanding service, an elegant view, and fantastic food. It’s the perfect place to host a small party, as the upstairs areas offer private dining options. I can’t wait to make a dinner reservation,” said Maria Clarizio, who teaches Sports and Entertainment Journalism at JTHS.

The trip was a great day that students will never forget. Senior Matthew Cannarozzi said, “It was really cool. It was nice to see teachers at JTHS go out of their way to plan a trip for us.”

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