Tips for E-Waste Recycling in Morris County

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority reminds residents that state law prohibits putting certain electronics (“E-Waste”) in the household trash: televisions, computers, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, printers, and fax machines.

The MUA will no longer accept E-Waste during household hazardous waste collection days at the Morris County Fire and Police Training Academy, including the upcoming June 9 event. Such items must be brought to an E-Waste recycling center. Check the list below for municipal depots, non-profits, stores, and dedicated recyclers in the Morris County area that properly dispose of E-Waste. See their websites for specific instructions.

Only the electronics listed above are currently mandated for proper disposal. Collection sites are not required to take items such as microwaves, toasters, and alarm clocks. If those items are in working condition, consider donating them to a charitable non-profit. Otherwise, please remove and recycle any rechargeable batteries, and then discard the items as garbage, bulk waste, or scrap metal.

Following is a partial list of facilities that recycle E-Waste.


  • Morris County Household Hazardous Waste Facility, Mount Olive Transfer Station, 168 Gold Mine Road, Mount Olive. By appointment only. Call 973-829-8006, email, or visit their website.
  • Check with your town; a list is here. Many local depots in Morris County accept mandated E-Waste from their residents.


  • Green Vision. A non-profit, sheltered workshop and training facility for people with autism, 8 Emery Avenue, Randolph. They recycle anything with a plug. A fee is charged for CRT monitors. Visit or call 973-998-7955.
  • Goodwill stores. A non-profit that provides job training for people with disabilities. The stores accept some mandated items. Check with the location for more information. Click here for a store locator.

Dedicated E-Recyclers:

  • ERI/Electronics Recyclers International, 510 Ryerson Road, Unit 2, Lincoln Park. By appointment only; call 800-572-5300. For more information, visit their website.
  • CLR Solutions, 220 Franklin Road, Unit H, Randolph. Visit, email, or call 877-257-7658.


The MUA publishes a complete list of E-Waste recyclers here. For more information and useful links about E-Waste, visit the MUA’s FAQ page.

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