No Electricity Keeping Some Retailers Closed Until Tuesday

Espanong Road may have opened for traffic about 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Saturday, May 19, but remnants of the recent storm remain.

Businesses and residents on Espanong Road have been inconvenienced since a wild storm hit the area on May 15, taking down trees, poles, and power lines. The township quickly closed the road, leaving residents and businesses without power and access to the roadway for days.

Remnants of the storm remain. (Photo: April Leaver)

Locals were diverted onto side streets, which backed up traffic on Homestead and Brady Road at rush hour. Finally, Espanong road opened late yesterday and all seemed back to normal.

However, as we drove around to observe the aftermath it was clear to The Jefferson Chronicle, that something still wasn’t ‘quite right.’ There was an all-too-familiar hum in the air; the hum of a running generator. After some investigation, we saw the generator was running at Vinny & Sons, a local eatery on Espanong Road.

Francesco (Frank) Bruzzese, the ‘son’ in Vinny & Son, confirmed that the businesses in his strip mall including Tru Nature Yoga and Zelda Zonk Hair Salon still do not have power. It is not the storm damage, though, that is keeping the businesses in the dark, but rather a mishap when the crews came to assist during the storm.

Tru Nature Yoga and Zelda Zonk remain in the dark. (Photo: April Leaver)

The poles were damaged during the storm but now that they are replaced, it seems someone inadvertently cut the underground power wire leading to the strip mall. Bruzzese tells The Chronicle that the power lines have always run underground between the pole and his business. Somehow during restoration, the line between the pole and the strip mall was inadvertently cut.

Bruzzese states there is a dispute between Verizon and Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) regarding who exactly cut the line, but the bottom line is that power to several businesses will not be restored until at least Monday.

Thanks to a generator on site, all appeared normal inside Vinny & Son. Several patrons were eating dinner and the kitchen was hopping. But neighboring businesses Tru Nature Yoga and Zelda Zonk state on their respective Facebook pages that they are closed until Tuesday, May 22, when they expect power to be fully restored.

Vinny & Son is open for business. (Photo: April Leaver)

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