Schools might be closed to students, but construction is ongoing over the summer, with all plans included in the referendum passed last November in full swing, according to Superintendent Jeanne Howe at the Jefferson Township Board of Education meeting on July 15. 

The funds from the referendum include replacing the roof of the high school, renovating high school science rooms and middle school classrooms and completing various flooring projects through the district. The referendum also includes funds for creating Makerspace classrooms, which provide modern technology tools for collaboration and invention, in nearly every school in the district. Updates from the construction can be found on the district’s website.

Laptop Program Cut Back

The superintendent also announced that the one-to-one laptop initiative will be cut back after many laptops returned at the end of the school year were found to be damaged and in need of repairs at the middle school level. 

In the future, each classroom in the Jefferson Township Middle School will be equipped with a laptop cart to avoid the large amount of repairs that resulted from the test period of the one-to-one laptop program. The high school will continue its one-to-one laptop program as planned.

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