Cozy Lake School will reopen on Monday, September 24. The school was closed when unacceptable levels of mold were found throughout the building. A letter from Superintendent Jeanne Howe alerted parents, students, and staff that the school would be closed temporarily. Students and staff were relocated while the building was cleaned and inspected, until the air quality was deemed acceptable.

Elementary classes have been held at the Milton School, while the preschool held class at Star of the Sea Church in Lake Hopatcong. Transportation was not affected, but the building changes were significant for students and staff.

Areas of mold have also been identified in the band and chorus rooms at Stanlick School. The two rooms have been isolated and closed to students and staff during remediation. Carpeting in both rooms has been removed and will be replaced with tile. All surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected. The rooms will not be occupied until satisfactory air quality results are obtained.

From the onset of the mold problems, the superintendent has stated that the safety and security of students and staff have been her utmost concern.

Many New Jersey districts have faced a similar issue. The humid summer is thought to be connected with the unusually high mold levels.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

A new letter from Howe (see below) specified conditions of the reopening of Cozy Lake, and parents, students, and staff were thanked for their cooperation and patience.

The district received the air quality test results from Cozy Lake Elementary School. We are being assured by our environmental company that the building is safe for school to reopen. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this situation.

The teachers will need time to reset their classrooms in Cozy Lake and all preschool materials will need to be relocated to Milton and unpacked. Beginning Monday, September 24th, all classes will resume at their regularly scheduled location. Preschool parents are directed to the parent portal to verify their child’s regular transportation information. The regular bus stops and times are located in the parent portal. Please call the transportation department if you have any questions regarding your child’s regular bus stop information.

The Back to School Night will take place on the previously scheduled date, Tuesday, September 25th.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of the staff involved in the relocation of Cozy Lake and Milton Preschool. Their professionalism and dedication to the students made for a smooth transition.

Jeanne Howe

This story was written by Brianna Dunn.

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