Jefferson Township Police Officer James Stokes responded to Deli Works, located at 5726 Berkshire Valley Road in Oak Ridge, for a report of a stolen motor vehicle on January 8 at approximately 8:07 p.m.

Officer Stokes’ investigation revealed the victim had left his unlocked 2002 Blue Jeep Grand Cherokee engine running while he went inside. When he exited the vehicle was missing.

A BOLO (be on the look-out) was done to local law enforcement agencies. A short time later, dispatch was notified by the Andover Police Department they had the vehicle in question on a traffic stop.

Officer Stokes and Sergeant Richard Riena responded to the scene of the Andover Police traffic stop which was located at 221 U.S. 206 in Byram Township.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Josue Jimenez-Guillen, 19 of Oak Ridge. Jimenez-Guillen was placed under arrest and transported to the Jefferson Township Police Department for processing.

Mr. Jimenez-Guillen was charged with one count of 2C:20-3A Theft of Movable Property, and released pending a court appearance.

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