On September 15, the Jefferson Township Teen Scene hosted its annual event on Lake Hopatcong. Helped by a variety of teen leaders and parents, the event was a success. Peers had the opportunity to interact with each other and make new friends in a fun and safe environment.

Members of Teen Scene got to play a full game of golf at the Lake Hopatcong Golf Club miniature golf course, which showcases the history of Lake Hopatcong through models and information posts. Members also had the opportunity to dance to DJ Earl as they ate pizza with their friends. They danced the night away beside the lake and took a variety of fun pictures in the photo booth.

Miss Lotta took the guests in three separate groups. Each group got to experience parts of Lake Hopatcong from a beautiful standpoint. The boat’s deck had tables set up where students played cards with their friends and took pictures to save the memories.

Kim Reid and Jill Small, founders of Teen Scene, would like to remind everyone that proceeds from the Wrobo Run contribute to running the Teen Scene program. To register for the Wrobo Run please visit our past article on that event: http://www.thejeffersonchronicle.com/wrobo-run-coming-october/

To register your child for Teen Scene please visit: http://www.jeffersontownship.net/Cit-e-Access/webpage.cfm?TID=4&TPID=15079

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