The rains cleared just in time for the races to go on and culminate three days of activities of the 2019 Lake Hopatcong Grand Prix/OPA (Offshore Powerboat Association) Racing. The event, postponed from September, started on Friday with a fun run and Halloween party, followed by Saturday’s meet and greet at the race village at the Lake Forest Yacht Club and ending with the races on Sunday also at Lake Forest Yacht Club.

The Lake Hopatcong Grand Prix is OPA’s final race of the season. Racers come from all over the country to participate in 12 different race classes. Racers complete 43 laps of the 2.3 mile course that went from near Brady Bridge to Mason Street Pub and back. The autumn foliage provided a scenic backdrop as the boats went by.

There were a total of 40 race boats including three local boats driven by the Muller family. The Mullers included Jay Muller (Grand Prix organizer) and sons Chase (18), Jax (16) and Jason (19). The Mullers’ Chugit and Wicked placed second and third in the Class 7 races.

A rocky started ended with a successful finish. Support at the yacht club was provided by Jefferson Township Police Department, the State Police and Jefferson Township Rescue Squad.

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