After Aim Jefferson stopped publishing, The Jefferson Chronicle stepped in to provide local news online. Our readership keeps expanding, so we know that Jefferson residents appreciate having a reliable home news source. But we kept hearing that one thing was missing: The Thumbs Tell It.

We have now partnered with the Facebook group “Jefferson Thumbs Up n Down,” which began filling the gap earlier this year. Each week, The Chronicle will excerpt and lightly edit a few entries for posting here on our site, minus certain identifying information. Complete original entries can be read by members of the Facebook group, and those who wish to submit Thumbs comments can join that group.

Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!

👍 Thumbs Up to our Falcon family for a truly emotional and phenomenal Homecoming! From the remembrance of a true Falcon, Jay Cuervo, to the honoring of our state championship Falcons of the past, the crowned Homecoming King and Queen, and our huge win! May the Falcons continue their flight!

👎 Thumbs Down to people who think it’s okay to leave their dogs outside barking endlessly. I understand dogs bark; I have two of my own little darlings. How about some consideration for your surrounding neighbors?

👍 Thumbs Up to an outstanding young lady in town, Emily Szalai. At Friday night’s football game, cash fell out of my pocket. Emily found it and turned it in. She could have kept it and none the wiser. She did the right thing – a credit to herself, her parents, and our town. Thank you, Emily. Integrity at its finest.

👎 Thumbs Down to the publisher of a local news platform, who does a great job reporting news but won’t be able to write his own story when he kills a child for speeding recklessly through a neighborhood where kids are walking to bus stops and then fights with you when you tell him to slow down. (Note: He has not actually hurt anyone.)

👍 Thumbs Up to all who “paid it forward” this morning at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Route 15 in Jefferson by paying for the order of the customer behind them. It was a nice surprise. My husband was happy to receive the generous gesture and was more than happy to keep it going. Thanks to whoever started this act of kindness.

👎 Thumbs Down to a bank in Oak Ridge. First you started charging a 5% fee for the coin counting machine. So we rolled our own coins. Now you want 5% for self-rolled coins, too – seriously? You’re charging us money to deposit money in your bank? We’ve banked with you for 32 years. The bank across the street does it for free! Tell me, why should we stay with you? The people in Oak Ridge made you what you are today. Shameful.

👍 Thumbs Up to the dispatcher, our police officers, and the squad who helped us through our surprise unplanned home birth of our son. Everyone was so great and we can’t thank them enough.

👎 Thumbs Down to the owner’s son at a house on Schwarz Boulevard. The house is for sale and unoccupied. The son just cut the grass … a lot of grass. He picked up what he could with his hands and proceeded to blow the rest into the street. I yelled out and got the finger!

👍 Thumbs Up to fireman Vinnie for a great morning at Country Day School teaching the kids all about fire safety.

👎 Thumbs Down to a local dairy. I went in and got a cookie dough brownie pizza marked $7.99 and was charged $17.99. I asked why my change was only $2.01 and was told the 1 didn’t print for the 17. Maybe you should have checked prices instead of just oh well me.

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