After Aim Jefferson stopped publishing, The Jefferson Chronicle stepped in to provide local news online. Our readership keeps expanding, so we know that Jefferson residents appreciate having a reliable home news source. But we kept hearing that one thing was missing: The Thumbs Tell It.

We have now partnered with the Facebook group “Jefferson Thumbs Up n Down,” which began filling the gap earlier this year. Each week, The Chronicle will excerpt and lightly edit a few entries for posting here on our site, minus certain identifying information. Complete original entries can be read by members of the Facebook group, and those who wish to submit Thumbs comments can join that group.

Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!

👍 Thumbs Up to Blue Diamond Disposal (our town garbage and recycling men).

👎 Thumbs Down to my mail lady who thinks it’s okay to shove packages into my mailbox because she’s too lazy to put them on my porch. When she can’t possibly shove them into my mailbox, she walks halfway up my walkway and throws them onto my porch.

👍 Thumbs Up to Jefferson Township High School and their new flag! It’s back up!

👎 Thumbs Down to the newspaper delivery person who flies at ludicrous speeds up and down our streets. This is a residential zone, slow down!

👍 Thumbs Up to Jefferson Firehouse #2 for helping the JTHS girls volleyball team coordinate our car wash fundraiser! Each person we encountered was nothing but helpful and accommodating. Wish I had more thumbs to give this crew!!

👎 Thumbs Down to the people who throw their litter out where it doesn’t belong. At the same people need to be more conscientious about the trash that falls out of their cars – bottles, cigarette boxes, etc. A week before I found a half-eaten dinner and I filled up a medium-sized toss-away planter I found with other garbage on a half-mile walk. It’s not falling out the back of the garbage trucks, because I find new stuff every day. I’m trying to start picking more up, but ugh. Likewise, if an animal gets into your trash because you didn’t secure it, go out there with gloves and pick it up!

👍 Thumbs Up to the police department for finally realizing the speeding on Schwarz Boulevard. Looks like they are installing a speed limit sign with the mechanism to show the speed the vehicle is traveling!

👎 I gave a big Thumbs Down a while back to a gas station on Berkshire Valley Road. He charges as much as 25¢ more per gallon for regular unleaded than any other same-brand station in the area, keeping in mind that the normal average markup/profit per gallon is 3 to 5¢. And clearly he pays the same from wholesalers as the other stations; if he doesn’t, I would like to see the proof. In my opinion, it’s purely a price gouging effort due to the station’s proximity, forcing residents to pay as much as $5 more per tank if they can’t get out to the highway stations for one reason or another. When the state drops the per gallon tax on gas statewide again, I’m interested to see if this guy raises regular unleaded again.

👍 A big Thumbs Up for the JTHS and JTMS students who stood in the hallways during Back to School night, giving directions to parents like me who kept getting lost! And another Thumbs Up to the JTMS band performing in the hallways … great job!

👎 Big Thumbs Down to a local bank. $1 a page to get old bank statements?? Since when do you have to pay for your own account information? I worked in banking for six years for three banks and never heard of such a thing – not to mention some other shady stuff I won’t even post. Anyway, glad to be out of there and at a good bank now!

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