The Jefferson Township Council is continuing a discussion about reimbursement for the police department when officers provide traffic control for private utilities.

The police are reimbursed at their hourly rate plus a 15% administration fee when they direct traffic for JCP&L and other utilities. Some municipalities also charge a fee for wear and tear on the police vehicle.

Captain Paul Castimore told council at the Wednesday, October 16, meeting that the average patrol car will burn two to three gallons of gas during an eight to 10 hour detail.

Councilwoman Kim Finnegan said a $25 per hour charge would cover the wear and tear on a car.

Councilman Jay Dunham said a township mechanic said that seemed like a fair price.

Council president Debi Merz said she would like to see what prices are charged by the other Morris County municipalities before council discusses it further. Council directed Township Administrator Debra Milikin to determine how much comparable municipalities pay per hour for wear and tear and council will take up the matter at a later meeting.

Another matter that will be further discussed is the reduction in funding for the Highlands Council. Councilman Robert Birmingham said neighboring municipalities West Milford and Vernon have sent letters of protest to the state objecting to this reduction. He said it leaves it up to the municipalities to cover the rateables lost to Highlands restrictions on development which the municipalities believe is not fair.

Mayor Eric Wilsusen announced two back-to-back meetings on Wednesday, Oct. 23. Members of the public who have been complaining about parking problems on Nolan’s Point Park Road and near the Mason Street Pub are invited to meet with the mayor. Mason Street will be discussed at 6 p.m. and Nolan’s Point Park Road at 7 p.m.

Wilsusen also said the environmental science academy students at the high school will be at the Nov. 13 meeting. Council will have one meeting in November, on the second Wednesday because of Thanksgiving and the League of Municipalities Convention.

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