The Junior Women’s Club of Jefferson Township is holding the annual townwide garage sale event May 20 and 21. This year, in lieu of a map, the club is offering a detailed list grouped for every section of our town. In addition, participants can choose whether they would like to have their sale on Saturday, Sunday or both.

To participate, please send your $10 donation to P.O. Box 2101, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438; please make all checks payable to the Junior Woman’s Club of Jefferson Township. Along with your donation, please include the following information: name, sale location’s full address, phone number, email address, and types of items being sold. Days of Sale; Saturday Only, Sunday Only or both.

Code Letters for the various items being sold:

H=household, F=furniture, B=baby items, T=toys, C=clothing, E=electronics, A=appliances, and AN=Antiques.

In order to be included on Town Wide Master Sale List all entries must be received no later than May 5th. All proceeds will benefit the food pantry.

Lists will be sold starting the week of May 15th at the Public Library, AJ’s Country Cone, Jefferson Dairy and Jimmy Geez North.

Please contact Barbie at with any questions.

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