In Russ Felter’s last police swearing-in of his tenure as mayor, patrolmen Tyler Lamantia and Jason Fuehring took the oath as Jefferson Township’s newest officers at the town council meeting on December 5. The mayor noted that both men performed very strongly during their course in the police academy and on the police exams.

Mayor Russ Felter swears in new police officer Tyler Lamantia as his family looks on. (Photo: Tyler Delp)

The council approved a waiver of the outdoor gathering and fire permit fees related to Christmas in the Village, sponsored by the Jefferson Arts Committee. It was noted that many vendors indicated their intention to return for next year’s festivities.

Other Concerns

Council member Robert Birmingham raised the topic of the legalization of marijuana. In Trenton on November 26, a joint panel from the state Senate and Assembly approved a bill to regulate, tax, and legalize marijuana for adult use throughout the state. The bill must next be considered by the full Senate and Assembly. “Legalizing marijuana could bring revenue for the town,” noted Birmingham, “but could also cause car accidents.”

An update was provided on the timing of the traffic light at the intersection of Route 15 and Berkshire Valley Road. Currently, traffic jams on Route 15 during rush hour, causing delay and frustration for many motorists. The timing of the light will be decided by state officials at the beginning of the new year.

Another issue expected to cause traffic problems on Route 15 in the near future is the need for major repairs on the bridge over the highway just before the merge onto Route 80 East.

The next two town council meetings are scheduled for December 19 and January 2 at 7:00 in the municipal building.


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