A favorite local eatery has closed its doors after 3 1/2 years in business. The Upstream Grille in Lake Hopatcong announced on Facebook Tuesday, December 19, that its last day of business was on December 16 and it would no longer operate thereafter.

You may read their statement as posted to their Facebook page earlier, below.

After publishing the statement, fans of the Grille quickly commented on the post as follows.

The Jefferson Chronicle reached out to the Upstream Grille via e-mail and received a reply from a representative of the eatery stating, “we’ve enjoyed a loyal and steady business but it has been an uphill battle to overcome several challenges this year. It has been a very difficult decision to say goodbye at this time but we felt it was the appropriate time to leave on an up note and we thank all who supported us.”

The representative also confirmed that, “Chef Ken Salmon will be taking some much deserved time off to contemplate his next move. His journey as a culinary artist is not over and with much conviction has stated he will be back stronger than ever.”

The Upstream Grille logo, pictured. (Graphic: Upstream Grille/Facebook)

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