Photo credit: Michelle Papa/Jefferson Township High School

The JTHS Positivity Project was inspired by other schools throughout the nation that were highlighting their amazing students and staff. When I saw some of the other videos, I knew right away this was something Jefferson Township High School must do. We have wonderful students, so I knew our teachers, counselors, and administrators would be eager for an opportunity to recognize them in such a fun and spirited way. Also, we have an extremely talented video production department, led by Mr. Kazanfer, that we relied on for support.

I collaborated with one of our school counselors, Mrs. Alkon, to organize the filming and we got right to work! The biggest challenge I heard was that our staff found it difficult to choose just one student. Some of them chose a whole class, club, or group so they could recognize more students. While filming took a lot of organizing and was emotional for both the students and staff, we were able to finish up in early March. Mrs. Alkon and I were fully prepared to learn our editing software, but senior student Landon Buell jumped at the opportunity to edit. In just a few months, we were able to create a beautiful video that truly demonstrates the school community here at JTHS. We are so proud of the efforts of all involved and the optimism the Positivity Project has inspired.

Watch the video:

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Story and Video provided by Michelle Papa, Assistant Principal, Student Leadership at Jefferson Township High School

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