We all know there are a few haunted houses in Jefferson Township, plus an old restaurant, but I think I can add one more to the list. It does not have ghostly sightings, lights that go on in empty rooms or things that go bump in the night. It’s more like a curse. You see everyone that has lived in the house has been divorced!

The house is now 85 years old and the original owners parted company after 55 years of wedlock. The couple they sold the house to was recently married and the nicest people you would want to meet. One day about 3 years into their marriage the husband told me that they were getting divorced. That is not strange in today’s world so I thought nothing of it. The next couple was moving in from out of state with two pre-school children. They were both highly educated, friendly and devoted to both their children.

One day I was talking with the husband and I brought up that the last two couples who lived in the house had divorced. He just laughed and said that would not happen to them since they were committed to each other and their new family. About a year and a half later there is a knock at my door and the husband was standing there.

“Just want you to know that my wife and I have separated and she is moving back with her parents.”

I told him how sorry I was but was thinking – was this the curse of the old house working on couple number three?

Couple number four moved in and again were great people to talk to. They had two younger children. They were always working on the house and put in quite a few gardens – just nice people. All was good for a few years and then I noticed patterns changing in their life styles. I mentioned it to my wife and she said it was just my imagination. One day I noticed the husband had not returned from work for a few days.

Could have been a business trip or maybe a death in the family? A few days turned into a few weeks and then the “For Sale” sign went up on the front lawn and that was that.

The curse had gotten couple number four!

The new family in the house has been in it for quite a while and all seems normal. They do their thing and keep to themselves. I never told them about the supposed curse of the house. I am happy for them but I am always waiting for the house to claim its fifth couple. Trick or treat?

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Tony has lived in Lake Hopatcong since 1987. He has a bachelor’s degree in American literature from Ramapo College, a New Jersey teacher’s certificate, and a master’s in business administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Tony’s column, “For What It’s Worth,” appeared in Aim Jefferson for nine years. He recently retired after 46 years in the corporate world. Tony can be reached at tony.haryn@thejeffersonchronicle.com.