For What It’s Worth: No More Labor Days For Me

This is the first time in 46 years I will not be celebrating Labor Day. I am one of those
souls that is no longer part of the system. I don’t exist on any labor statistic sheets, I
have no title, no place to go in the morning or leave at night. When I am seen, I am just
as quickly forgotten. What I wear will leave no memory with any one I meet. I do not
stand out in any way. I am now retired!

No more business meetings, no more tan Dockers pants and light blue shirts, no
conference calls, IM’s from the boss, no more business decisions, no driving in the dark
to and from work, and very important, no more pay checks. I deleted my resume the day
before I retired.

This Labor Day I don’t have to fight the traffic to and from the shore, or have a barbeque
celebrating what gives me a pain that runs down my left arm when I am trying to explain
company procedures to someone in another country, I don’t have to see my blood
pressure rise when the company that I bleed for every morning gives me a 1% raise and
tells me I am lucky to have a job! What always made me smile was when the company
Gung-Ho cheerleader, you know the type, works 60 hours a week, who loses a week’s
vacation every year and brags about it, and would quote the company HR policy to you
at the drop of hat would then get let go by the same company because he or she are
being replaced by three people in India. Yes there is a God.

This Labor Day I will go to someone else’s barbeque, I will dress in the official old man’s
outfit of old white sneakers, brown wool socks, worn blue jeans, a t-shirt that says, “My
other shirt looks just like this one” and a baseball cap that’s says, “ Old Men Rule!”. If I
think of it, I will shave but not comb my uncut hair. If I don’t forget, I will cut the hairs
coming out of my ears and nose so I don’t look like a party favor if I sneeze. This Labor
Day I will celebrate not being beat up by the corporate world any longer.

Have a great Labor Day.

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