Most times you can explain it. You question yourself and come up with a reasonable answer. But sometimes there is no reasonable answer. You don’t mention it to anyone because you can’t understand it. Did I see it, did it really happen, or was it my imagination?

I believe in things that go bump in night. I am not arrogant enough to not believe in things that cannot be fully explained within a reasonable doubt. I don’t believe in the statement that “what is not there in the daytime is not there in the nighttime.”

Thirty-five years ago, my mom and I were on our way to pick up my aunt and bring her to my cousin’s graduate school commencement. My aunt and cousin had lost my uncle (my mom’s kid brother) to a heart attack 10 years before. My cousin, their only child, had been very close to his father. This would have been a proud day for my uncle, who never went to college.

I was driving my eight-year-old American car to the graduation. Back then, electric clocks in American cars would break after three years, so at that point the clock had not been running for five years.

As I pulled up to my aunt’s house and she got in, I looked at the dashboard – and the clock was ticking away! Without saying anything to my mom or aunt, I just set the clock to the correct time and off we went to the college commencement. We got there in time for a fast-moving rainstorm to hit, but managed to take pictures of my cousin receiving his diploma. Then I took my aunt and mom out for dinner as my cousin ran off with his friends to party.

All the time, I kept one eye on the clock that was running and keeping perfect time. When I finally dropped my aunt off and started to drive my mom home, I noticed that the clock had stopped. When I got mom home and told her what had happened, she just looked at me and smiled – like she knew something I didn’t know.

Had my dead uncle joined us for a ride to see his son graduate? Was it the oncoming storm that had started the clock? Do you believe in things that go bump in the night? I do.

Trick or treat!

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