New Township Retailer Caters to Healthy Options

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More Life, an outlet selling wellness, opened its second store this summer in the Jefferson Diner Plaza. Selling everything from vitamins to supplements, the retailer also offers acai bowls and smoothies.

“More Life is a one-stop shop for all your health and fitness needs,” says owner Joe Badgley Jr.

Owner Joe Badgley Jr. and staff member Rose King stand in front of the More Life store, holding nutritional granola bars and a acai bowl. (Photo: Kalen Luciano)

Five years ago, Bagley’s father opened the first More Life in Stanhope. Inspired by the health shop, the son says he went through a life-changing experience to get in shape as the store developed a following. After Badgley Jr. took over the family-run business, he expanded to Jefferson.

“We wanted to benefit other people, so we built a big following in the gyms, helping people with their supplemental needs,” Badgley Jr. tells The Jefferson Chronicle. “We basically created lasting relationships in the community, which has helped us start a second store in another community where we hope to build that same connection,” he adds.

The younger Badgley says he will make “the shop a welcoming and positive environment for his customers.” Offerings, he notes will include personalized training and supplement routines and unique health products.

The store is stocked with vitamins and nutritional supplements. (Photo: Kalen Luciano)

Badgley Jr. tells The Chronicle that “Unlike some competitors, More Life does not blend the açaí with other ingredients, keeping it pure. None of the shakes or smoothies contains additives or syrups,” he says, adding, “We try to keep everything as healthy as possible.” 

More Life is open Monday through Thursday from 10-8, Friday from 10-7, and Saturday from 11-4. For more information, call 973-691-9663 or find the shop online at and on Instagram at @morelife_lakehopatcong.

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