The Chronicle Shares Career Info During Class at Jefferson Township High School

The Jefferson Chronicle recently visited one of Carrie Hutchinson’s transitional education classes at Jefferson Township High School to present journalism as a career choice. Hutchinson requested that a Chronicle staff member attend a class to explain the profession, its options, and opportunities.

The educator, who co-teaches biology and conceptual chemistry, is also the class of 2020 co-advisor and advisor to Habitat for Humanity. Most recently, Hutchinson chaired the high school’s annual Homecoming event.

Senior contributing editor Maria Weiskott represented The Chronicle, describing the privilege of a career advanced and guaranteed by the United States Constitution’s First Amendment.

Weiskott explained the variety of reporting options open to journalists in the 21st Century, and the different types of mediums available today as compared with years past. She also discussed the types of education and expertise needed to pursue a career in journalism or communications in general.

The editor also described the current decline of local news reporting in large newspapers, which has resulted in an environment where residents become unaware of social, political, and educational events happening in their own communities. She noted that on the upside, however, one result is the growth of hyper-local news websites like

Weiskott distributed the October issue of The Jefferson Chronicle Digest, the print monthly magazine that evolved from the website. She pointed out the types of local news and features in the magazine that larger newspapers now overlook.

Jefferson Township High School teacher Carrie Hutchinson reads over the shoulders of two students in her transitional education class following a presentation about a career in journalism. They are reading a feature in the October issue of The Jefferson Chronicle Digest.

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