More Development Will Add Traffic to Intersection

The left turn from Berkshire Valley Road onto Route 15 is easier than it once was because of road improvements, but it still frustrates motorists. Phil Doyle of Valley Trail asked the Jefferson Township Council what could be done. Mayor Russell Felter told him there are plans to change the intersection, but they have to wait for land acquisition.

Berkshire Valley is a county road, and Morris County did add a left-turn arrow and change the timing on the lights. But new development south on Route 15 will just add to the traffic issues, Felter said. He added that the state classifies the intersection as a “D” now, and it won’t go above a “C” with the planned work.

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Felter reported to the council that the Lakeside turf field is clean and can be used, barring more snow. He did not have a schedule for other fields, although he said the recreation department has done a good job on them.

Another resident had complaints, illustrated with photos, about the lack of maintenance at houses on his street. Dr. Gary Glick, whose house is on the dead end of Cove Road, is trying to sell his property. He said the conditions of some houses on his street are driving the value of his property down. He presented a letter from a local real estate agent stating that although some clients liked his house, they were concerned about the neighborhood.

Township administrator James Leach noted that there are houses in foreclosure on Cove Road. At least one has been sold and should be improved soon, he added. Council president Debi Merz said the committee would consider an ordinance addressing abandoned, foreclosed houses.

The township has a new firefighter. Jake Sobieski joined Fire Department #2 and was sworn in by Felter at the beginning of the meeting.

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