New Betsy Ross Diner Site Plan Approved

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Betsy Ross Diner representative Tim Dauti, architect Matthew Smetana, and engineer Kenneth Dykstra presented their new site plan at the Planning Board meeting on March 12.

A freestanding eatery will be constructed on the 1.4-acre site that was formerly the home of PNC Bank. After the drive-through is closed off, the new diner will have 3,700 square feet, with a covered outdoor area for seasonal dining and a total capacity of just under 100 seats.

The outside seating area will be on the south side of the building, although the current plan shows it on the east side. Smetana stated that the plan will be updated to reflect the proper location. The area will be protected from traffic with curbing and a wall.

The site plan reviewed by the Planning Board for the relocation of the Betsy Ross Diner shows the aerial scope of the building’s design and layout and the surrounding property. (Photo: Kevin L. Pattky, Jr.)

The Betsy Ross Diner is open at its current location in Ridge Plaza until 10 p.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends. Dauti requested the option of remaining open 24 hours. The board agreed, provided there is no current ordinance prohibiting such hours. Mayor Eric Wilsusen said he did not believe any restriction exists.

The parking lot will be re-milled and paved with 56 spaces. Board member Jay Dunham emphasized that the entrances should be made wide enough for fire and rescue vehicles.

Board member Jill Hartmann reviewed the signage and could not guarantee that the number or size conform to regulations because she has not actually seen them. A variance may be needed based on current specifications and will be revisited when the plan is submitted.

The site plan was unanimously approved, contingent upon submission of the landscaping and lighting plan.

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