Get ready for the Parade of Heroes happening this Saturday, May 16, all over town.

The parade will feature classic cars and have two routes, Lake Hopatcong and Oak Ridge, at two different times, 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Here are the routes:

Routes for Car Tour 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Oak Ridge

Preston Lakes loop around the lake, Fairways, Upper Dover Milton Road, School House Road, Greenwood Drive, Clifton, Horace, Back up Greenwood Drive, Lower School House Road, Colonial Oaks Drive, Morgan Lane, Lark Lane, Robin, Ridge Road, First Entrance of White Rock Blvd, Rosemont Road, left onto White Rock Blvd. Highland, Summit, Overlook, Apollo, Summit, Mirror, White Rock Blvd. Ridge Road Falcon Drive, Irontown Circle, Falcon Drive, Red Oak Terrace, Falcon Drive, Berkshire Valley Road, Chamberlain Road, Reilly Lane, Winding Brook Lane, Katie’s Turn, Edgewater Avenue, Fox Case Road, Whispering Pine Way, Heather Hills, Notch Road, October Hill , MaryAnne, 2nd Wroblewski Lane, Johnson Place, Moosepac Lane, Chelsea Drive, Milton Road, Winding Hollow

Lake Hopatcong

Garden Apts, Gerhardt Apts, Lake Shawnee, Weldon Road, Colonial Oaks, Lake Forest, Sandy Point, Venetian Drive, Water Village, Peaks, Lake View Estates, Rt 181, John St, Lake Winona

Routes for Car Tour 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Oak Ridge

Legion, Sheehan, Ross Court, Abenaki, Hopi Trail, Sunset, Starlight, Stoneybrooke Lane, Linda Lane, West Elro, East Elro, Patterson Drive, Cozy Lake Road, Princess Court, Laurel Drive, Mt. Crest Road, Wildwood Road, (just like the Santa tour) Brooke Side, Pecan Lane, Toltec, Aztec, Boone Trail, Moquis Trail, Manor Drive, Cayuga Trail, Pequot Trail, Dacotah Trail, Seneca Trail, Berkshire Valley Road, Pearl Lane, Center, Solar, Valley Trail, Longwood Lake Road to Forest Ridge, (We will not be doing all of Longwood lake Road) Knoll, Gem, Lavina Trail, Paderewski Road, Pulaski Drive, Dover Milton Road, Wayfair Lane, Sleepy Hollow, Pine Bluff

Lake Hopatcong

Prospect Point, Dawn’s Mist, North and South Lakeside, Berkshire Valley Road, Minnisink Road, Mase Road, San Bar, Nolan’s Point , East Shores, Winding Ridge Road, Waterside, North and South Beach

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