The Jefferson Township Police department asks residents to ensure that their house number is prominently displayed on the front of every residence. This helps emergency services to quickly locate homes in the event of an emergency.

In several recent instances, township emergency services had to waste time searching for homes that were not marked. The department additionally requests that should emergency services be requested, residents unlock the front door and leave outside lights on at night.

The Jefferson Township Fire Prevention Bureau enforces this same numbering procedure during the home resale or rental inspection based upon a township ordinance

The township also adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) which has a requirement for house numbering.

According to fire officials, the number on the mail box is not acceptable, as the mail box is postal property and the postal service regulates what can go on and in the mail box. Also not all mailboxes are not always on the same side of the street as the home or in front of the home.

 Supplemental house numbering is an option should a home not be visible from the road. The recommendation is for the number to be visible coming from either direction on a street, as noted in the ordinance, which can be found at

 Another program the township participates in is the Residential Knox Box program for quick access to a residence in the event of an emergency. This is a  residential version of the key boxes found on commercial businesses in the township. It can assist the police, fire or first aid in accessing a home in an emergency without having to break in to the residence.

 For more information on the Residential Knox Box program, click here.

 For questions about the township’s participation in the Residential Knox Box Program, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at

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