Monica L. Transier received the Civilian Service Award from the Jefferson Township council for helping in a motor vehicle accident. She was only a passerby in the side-by-side collision between a motorcycle and a dump truck, but she saw that the motorcyclist needed aid and immediately came to his side. Transier called emergency services and did everything she was instructed to do, helping him breathe and reassuring him that everything would be okay. “Without her help,” Chief Officer Craig said, “this man may not have survived.”

The Town Council took the time to swear in other local heroes as well. Mayor Russell Felter swore in the town’s only current female police officer, Chelsea Parisi. She transferred from the Passaic Sheriff’s Department and has already been working hard to serve the community. The Town Council also swore in two firefighters for Fire Company #1, Besart Kaba and Jacob Wagner.

Mayor Russell Felter swearing in Chelsea Parisi. (Photo: Kalen Luciano)
Besart Kaba taking the Oath of Office. (Photo: Kalen Luciano)
Jacob Wagner taking the Oath of Office. (Photo: Kalen Luciano)

After the Council returned from a brief recess, they discussed the debt and budgeting, road work, and animal licensing fees and no engine braking ordinances.

To deal with the unexpected price increase for the fire boat on Lake Hopatcong, the Council appropriated more funds. Councilman Robert Birmingham spoke out against putting themselves in more debt, but the other council members argued that this appropriation of funds was necessary to ensure the safety of the town’s citizens.

However, they do agree that they should reduce their debt and are on their way to doing this. At the rate the Council is currently going, they will soon be paying off their debts at a higher rate than they are borrowing.

The Finance Subcommittee is hoping to continue to reduce spending through their 0-base budgeting. Although Councilman Jay Dunham admitted that they have not found a lot of places to save money, it is working and they will encourage conservative spending. This is the first time they are doing this in seven years, and it will be a long and intense process until they are done.   

Administrator James Leach reported that the town is applying for grants from the DOT to do road work on Brady Road.

The Ordinance Subcommittee is working on animal licensing fees and no engine braking ordinances that will be put to a vote soon.

The next Town Council meeting is a joint meeting between the Town Council and the Board of Education at the Board of Education Office on 31 State Highway Route 181 at 6:30 on Tuesday, September 19.

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