Town Council Vice President Michael Sanchelli resigned from office effective May 1. He was forced to resign from office after retiring from the County of Morris and the Public Employee retirement system.

According to State and Internal Revenue laws, when he retired, he had to resign from public office for 180 days. However, he did not give this position up without a fight. He went down to Trenton to fight this law, but the decision was not favorable to him.

Sanchelli served Jefferson Township for 18 years and said he is proud of the accomplishments he and all of his colleagues have made. He is proud of this town and considers it the best municipality in New Jersey. He further noted he would like to thank the residents of Jefferson Township for trusting him to represent them well.

Although Sanchelli has to retire from office, he plans to remain an active member in the community. Once the 180 days have passed, he plans to run for Town Council in 2018, and said he hopes that he will be able to serve his community on the Council again.

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